Laser welding of aluminum and copper airtight parts

Laser welding of aluminum and copper airtight parts

Gas tight laser sealing technology and key process points

  1. Non contact welding, not limited by space, no contact pressure; It is a laser sealing equipment that can automatically operate under vacuum/inert atmosphere, with sealing atmosphere of nitrogen and argon (optional vacuum).
  2. Welding materials: Welding of the same or different metal materials such as iron nickel alloy (Kovar), copper, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. The surface can be plated with gold, nickel, etc. The airtightness of the welding device meets the military standard (10-9Pa · m3/s leakage rate).
  3. Suitable for various sealing welding needs of devices; Can be produced in bulk, with high efficiency, which is 3-6 times that of parallel sealing welding.
  4. Stable equipment, precise integrated control system, achieving real-time monitoring feedback, precise control of platform mechanical movement, and efficient and smooth coordination of operations

Suitable for microwave device welding, RF packaging welding, T/R component welding, pacemaker welding, sensor welding, lithium battery welding, acceleration sensor welding, tilt sensor welding, eddy current sensor welding, pressure sensor welding, relay welding, connector welding, filter welding, filter welding, atomic clock welding, semiconductor module welding, converter welding, amplifier welding, micro gyroscope welding Frequency source welding, oscillator welding, multifunctional circuit welding, limiter welding, RF power device welding, integrated circuit shell welding, digital analog hybrid circuit shell welding, infrared device welding, microwave module welding, power module welding, high-frequency shell welding, substrate sealing welding, power device welding, RF device welding, amplifier welding, chip welding, annular device welding, isolator welding, microwave device welding Detector welding, other micro welding etc.

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