Fiber laser cleaning machine laser generator

Maxphotonics fiber laser cleaning machine laser generator

The MFPT-500W fiber laser is one of the cutting-edge products of Maxphotonics, which is constructed with a main oscillator and a high power fiber amplifier.Multiple power options and compact structure. Easy to operate, overall maintenance free, can be directly integrated into user equipment. A periodic pulse sequence with a wavelength of about 1060 nm and a peak power of more than 250 KW is used. The operating parameters of the laser are set by the 25Pin control interface, and the special controller of the customer can be used for the handheld laser. Mainly used in laser cleaning.

Raycus fiber laser cleaning machine laser generator

Raycus RFL-ABP (Adjustable Beam Profile) fills the gap in domestic fiber laser beam mode adjustable technology. Using the customized optical fiber combiner developed by Raycus, different modes of output such as Gaussian spot, ring spot, mixed spot, etc. can be realized, which can be switched at will according to processing requirements. At the same time, the power of the fiber core and the ring core can be adjusted independently to achieve any power ratio between the fiber core and the ring core. Meeting the needs of high-quality laser cutting and welding has become another weapon to improve processing quality and efficiency.

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