Fiber laser welding machine function

Process package storage function (The content of the process package has a default program, which can also be edited again, or the factory settings can be restored)

The default programs in the process package are summed up based on a lot of practical experience, can be used directly under normal circumstances.

If there are special materials or requirements can set the parameters by yourself, and start directly with one key selection during work.

If there is any misoperation during the operation, you can choose to restore the factory settings.

Red point setting position

Adjust the X Y axis coordinate, change the angle of the motor mirror and make the red light shift from the relative position, so as to achieve more accurate positioning.

Ramp power and gas control function

It can control the slow rise and fall of laser power, delay the laser shutdown when turning off the laser, and ensure the life and quality of the laser generator.

The gas (argon and nitrogen) can be controlled to be released before the laser, so as to ensure the gas concentration near the welding point and the welding quality and effect.

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