Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine FOT-SQ 1500W

FOT-SQ Series Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine can remove the dust, rust, oil stain, and grease on the metal surface for cleaning metal parts, molds, tyres, weapons, plane painting, build walls, electronic elements, precise equipment with remove multiple types of contaminants from aluminum, steel, carbon steel, and other metal.

Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine can be stripped instantly or evaporation, high-speed and effective removal of the coating attached to the metal surface, laser rust removal, basically will not damage the metal substrate.

Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Clean and remove multiple types of contaminants from aluminum, steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and other metal materials.


Non-contact Cleaning

Without damaging the base of the parts, can be used to clean extremely sensitive metal surfaces, such as aluminum, carbon, stainless steel, carbon fiber reinforced polymer coated materials without damaging the material.


Precise Cleaning

Can achieve precise location, precise size selective cleaning, include fixed point contact, protect the surface of brittle materials, and effectively clean up micron-scale pollution particles.


No Chemical Cleaning Fluid

No consumables, safety, no chemical damage to the materials because it is free of any chemical cleaning agents. This helps protect the environment.


Simple Operation

Supporting English Deutsch Italiano Русский Español Türk Polski 한국어日本語 Tiếng Việt). Under normal circumstances, all operations can be learned within 2-4 hours and actual processing can begin.

The control center adopts physical lock and adds physical lock on the basis of software security guarantee reduces the learning cost of operators.


Ergonomic Design

It is portable and can be hand-held or cooperated with a manipulator to realize automatic cleaning.

The structure of handheld cleaning head is simple and lightweight, the front end is detachable and the cleaning head can realize the automatic focusing function.


Almost no Maintenance

It can be used stably for a long time, requires no consumables and materials, only needs a small amount of electricity, low maintenance and operating costs, can easily realize automatic operation, and can be used once put into infinite cycles.

Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine Core Specification

3 years for the whole fiber laser cutting machine, laser device 18 months, chiller 12 months, lens/mirror/nozzle without warranty.

Fiber Laser Generator

Strong & stable water cooling system will ensure the fiber laser generator to work perfectly.

Use a relatively mature solution, special for rust removal.Low power consumption, maintenance free, and easy to assemble, it is the most suitable laser source for industrial laser cleaning.

Intelligent Cleaning Head

It can flexibly respond to various objects and angles.

Lightweight design: The weight is less than 1KG, which is more conducive to long-time handheld operation.Dust-proof and sealed design: Independent modular design of the optical path, sealed and dust-proof.

Control System

Three cleaning schemes: deep, standard, and non-destructive, as well as multiple cleaning modes. The integrated design of the control box ensures convenient installation, high flexibility and easy implementation of precise cleaning in selected areas, localized areas, and real-time.

Our Service

FIXED PRICE & Retention Money

Our goal is to change the uncertainty in the transaction process into certainty and reduce the cost of communication and trial error, so we have done two things: the fixed price and the retention of the quality assurance money system.

Technical Parameters


FOT-SQ 1000

FOT-SQ 1500

FOT-SQ 2000

Laser Power




Laser Source

Max/Raycus / JPT / IPG Fiber Laser

Laser Type

Continuous Wave Laser

Laser Frequency


Fiber Cable Length

5-10m (customizable)

Cooling Method

Built-in Water Cooling

Scan Speed


Scan Mode

7 patterns

Scan Width




Focusing Method

Red Light Pointer





Laser Cleaning Head Weight



Handheld/Station Based

Power Supply

AC 110v - 240v / 380v 50Hz/60Hz

Work Temperature


Frequently Asked Questions

FOT-SQ 1000w handheld fiber laser cleaning machine EXW 3,381 USD

FOT-SQ 1500w handheld fiber laser cleaning machine EXW 3,928 USD

FOT-SQ 2000w handheld fiber laser cleaning machine EXW 5,636 USD

More price please contact us

Our goal is to change the uncertainty in the transaction process into certainty and reduce the cost of communication and trial error, so we have done two things: the fixed price and the retention of the quality assurance money system.

The fixed price means that we will set a standard price as the transaction price. The buyer and the seller do not need to pay any bargaining cost in communicating the price, and eliminate the evil of human nature. All people put their time and energy on the transaction itself, that is on the machine.

The bottom logic of fixed price is to set the best price, which is lower than the overall level of the industry.

After solving the problem of price uncertainty, what needs to be solved is the problem of machine quality uncertainty, so that the end user that is the buyer can not only be assured when purchasing, but also have excellent quality and after-sales service in the use of the machine.

In addition to strict internal process control, we have also formulated a retention warranty money system: pay the final retention warranty money three months after receiving the machine to ensure the quality of each delivered machine.

A laser cleaning machine is an eco-friendly power cleaning tool for surface treatment with handheld laser cleaning gun or CNC controller.

A laser cleaning machine is used to remove rust, coatings, paint, oil, oxides, grease, resin, glue, dust, stains, residues, and more surface materials through instant high temperature ablation generated by laser beam on the surface of an object. Laser cleaning machines are also known as laser cleaners, laser rust removal machines, laser rust cleaning machines, laser paint stripping machines, laser paint removal machines, laser coating removal machines, laser oxide removal machines, laser oil cleaning machines, laser dirt cleaning machines, laser descaler machines.

Laser cleaning system uses the high heat energy of the laser beam to act on the surface of the object to instantly evaporate or peel off the dirt, rust or coating on the surface, so as to achieve a clean, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient industrial tool, and gradually replace the traditional chemical cleaning method, mechanical cleaning method, and ultrasonic cleaning method. It can quickly remove paint, rust, oxides, coating, oil stains, product residues, restoration and preservation of historical cultural relics.

3 years for the whole fiber laser machine, laser device 18 months, chiller 12 months, lens/mirror/nozzle without warranty.

Except the damage artificially, we are responsible for offering the fittings free of charge during warranty.

After the warranty period expired, the fiber laser cutter buyer only need to pay the actual maintenance cost.

Laser cleaning machine generates various laser beams through different types of laser generators, and adjusts the energy density of the laser to expand the dirt by heat. When the expansion force of the dirt is greater than the adsorption force of the dirt to the substrate, the dirt will leave the surface of the object. The laser beam can generate thousands of degrees or even tens of thousands of degrees in the vicinity of the focal point, causing the dirt to evaporate, gasify or decompose instantly. The divergence angle of the laser beam is small and the directivity is good. The laser beam can be condensed into spots of different diameters through the condensing system.  

Removal of coating layer on metal or glass surface and quick paint removal;

Quickly remove rust and various oxides;

Remove grease, resin, glue, dust, stains and production residues;

The metal surface is roughened, and the metal surface in a narrow space is cleaned;

Paint removal, rust removal, oil removal before welding or before bonding, oxide and residue treatment after welding;

Mold cleaning, such as tire molds, electronic molds, and food molds;

Oil stains are removed after the production and processing of precision parts;

Quick cleaning of nuclear power components maintenance;

Oxide treatment, paint removal and rust removal during the production or maintenance of aerospace weapons and ships;

Cultural relics cleaning, rock cleaning, and building exterior surface cleaning.

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